We have made it easier than ever to create your custsom t-shirts and apparel.
There is no need to visit a print shop - just click on oud DESIGNER and start getting creative.


Connect with a Color Drop Pro staff member and they will walk you through starting your own store through our API. 
All you need to do is sit back and start selling - everything is automated.  We start printing AFTER you get paid.
You don't have to worry about getting paid, or housing excess inventory that may never sell.
Once an order is placed, you can track your garment(s) 24/7 until it is delivered, either to you, or your customer.
Choose the products you want to offer from our 1800 offerings, upload your designs and we do the rest.
We can drop ship so no one knows its us, we can even add your marketing materials in every shipment.


Though we can print one-offs for your customer base, you may want to run a campaign.
Campaigns are an effective and efficient way to promote and sell your custom apparel.  By limiting the time frame, you

create a call to action from your customer base.  Launch a new design or brand, promote it and have an end date of 3 weeks for
your customers to purchase.  During those 3 weeks, you will collect as many sales as you can.  Once the window closes, the campaign
is complete.  At this point, all products are gathered, sent to our print facility and then shipped to the customer - regardless of their location.
WHY a campaign versus one-off printing?  We charge a premium for one-off printing on our Kornit DTG printers, however, if you give
us an order for 200+ pieces, your cost per print is drastically reduced and your bottom line increases exponentially.


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